AnthonyAnthony Henderson truly lives a LIFE of not just Success but SIGNIFICANCE.  His 2 mantras or words to live by are “Do what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it, whether you feel like it or not,” and “Not everyone is going to be GREAT, but everyone can and should get BETTER.”

Born in Griffin, Georgia, a small rural town just 30 minutes south of Atlanta;  Anthony is the oldest of 3 siblings on his mother’s side and 5 siblings on his father’s side.  So needless to say, he understands the importance of FAMILY and being a positive role model to many. 
As a youth, athletics and sports were a big part of his life experiences.  He excelled in several sports or athletic endeavors including Taekwondo (Korean Karate).  Anthony attained a 2nd-degree black belt via the ATA (American Taekwondo Association) at the age of 12 and won several national and grand national championships.  Although God blessed him with talent, he knows that the male COACHES in his LIFE helped make him the man that he is today.  This was critical since Anthony did not meet his biological father until the age of 25.  Although he is blessed with two biological children, the strong influence of his stepfather and coaches has inspired him to coach and mentor countless youth throughout the state.  
His mom worked tiredly to provide for him and his siblings, but flux was a constant as a young child.  He has lived in various states including, Tacoma, Washington, Youngstown, Ohio, and Deerfield Beach, Florida.  His high school years were spent in Boca Raton, Florida.  He graduated with honors from Spanish River High School as part of the first four-year class in 1987.  He was in the top 10% of his class.  Having been accepted to several great Universities such as Auburn and Alabama, Anthony decided to take his talents to Gainesville and become part of the “Gator Nation” at the University of Florida.

As the first person in his family to go to college, Anthony had to quickly acclimate to college life.  Thankfully, he was blessed with scholarships and federal assistant via pell grants.  The majority of his college expenses were covered by student loans and work study jobs though.  Anthony graduated with a BS in Exercise & Sport Science/Wellness in Spring 1993.  Since graduating, he has worked in the physical therapy field and cardiac rehabilitation as an Exercise Physiologist. Anthony has also worked in the sales and marketing and the insurance industry. He also has a wealth of knowledge in the business arena and a licensed 440 (Customer Representative) and 215 (Life, Health, & Variable Annuity) insurance agent.

Although he makes a mark that cannot be erased on whoever hears his voice, he is passionate about the youth because he feels that it is “easier to train a child than it is to fix a broken adult.”  Youth Leadership/Empowerment is an area he has carved a niche in for almost 2 decades now.  As an expert in the fields of human sexuality with a focus on healthy and respectful relationships, he makes even the most difficult of topics palatable and entertaining.

Personal Discovery is Anthony’s other area of expertise.  He specializes in prevention education and positive character development. Anthony has an adroit style of communicating that propels audiences to look closely at what’s stopping them from getting what they want out of life.  His candor or “keep it real” approach results in positive change outcomes.  It is virtually impossible to hear him speak and not look intrinsically or at the man in the mirror; instead of blaming LIFE situations, past successes or failures as the catalyst for what we’ve become.  His verbiage and delivery are suitable for all audiences.  Anthony Henderson – Speaker Extraordinaire.